We caught up with Jaeger Stone about his injury that happened after the world cup in Sylt. He had a solid season before the accident with winning the wave world cup in Tenerife. Due to his injury, he could not compete in the last wave event of the year in Maui. 


Hi Jaeger! How did you get injured?
I was sailing Hell’s Gates out at Point Moore in Geraldton with my friends Tom and Maeli. I wanted to do a double loop but didn’t have enough power so just did a planing forward. I guess I misjudged the landing a little and landed harder and faster than I thought I would. My back foot slipped and all my weight fell through the inside of my right knee. I injured my PCL, MCL, medial patellofemoral ligament and medial meniscus.


What’s the management plan and when do you think you’ll be sailing again? 
Hopefully I’ll be sailing again in January. I’ll take my time and will know when I’m ready. I have to wear a knee brace for about 6 weeks, and then I can gradually increase my rehabilitation from there. I don’t have to have surgery, it’s just time to let it heal and exercises in the gym to get it strong again.


What are you doing in the meantime? 
It’s been a little slow so far because in the first 3-4 weeks I couldn’t walk properly or move my knee too much. The last week my walking has improved much more. I’ve still been going to the gym and doing exercises for the other parts of my body, swimming with a pool buoy between my legs, reading, practicing Spanish and spending time with friends. In a week or two I’ll be able to start doing some work as a Physiotherapist again so I’m looking forward to that while I continue on with my rehabilitation.


Jaeger Stone flying high on his UltraKode.