How To Set Up Your Kode for Freeride

Our Kode’s have footstrap and fin positioning options that make it possible to transform them from radical wave boards to comfortable and cruisy freeride boards. In this video Phil Richard from GetWindsurfing explains how to set your Kode up with freeride settings and explains the benefits of this setup.


Like a freeride board the Kode is really fast, easy to use and get planing early. Like a wave board it´s very maneuverable and they help you to have control when the water is bumpy and you are out in windy conditions. It´s a perfect all round board! The board has marks to show you where to put the fin and mast base depending on the conditions you are sailing in. For freeride you should use the single fin and make sure it´s placed inside the freeride setting in the fin box. The big single fin creates a lot of lift and when you put your footstraps on the outside you get a great freeride setup to go fast. When you set up your footstraps make sure you see all your toes through the footstrap. For more info, please check out the video.


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