Everyone who sails speed or slalom wants to be fast! They want to fly! We asked top PWA slalom and foil rider Sebastian Koerdel for some tips to get the Starboard iSonic fast. Make sure to check out the video below. 


How can you be fast on the iSonic?

Don`t hold back! You need that all-in mentality! Put the mast base far enough in the back so the board can fly and then just push!

In which conditions do you recommend people to use the iSonic?

The boards can be used in all conditions. As long as you have good wind you can always use them.

Do you like starts, gybes or reaches most during a slalom race?

Winning! However, rolling someone on the reach is also quite nice!

What is your top tip for planing out of a gybe on the iSonic?

Swap your stance/move your feet before shifting the sail. Then you will have more control over the board in the exit of the gybe, and you can keep more speed.

Do you have a top tip for making the board fly?

If the board and sail is given enough wind and has the right trim, the iSonic will fly by itself. It is more a question about not letting it fly too much. Long harness lines will help a lot!


Rough Slalom Cut

High speed, gybes and jumps on the iSonic! You can tell by Sebastian Kördel `s laugh that he is having fun!

Posted by Starboard Windsurfing on Sunday, June 28, 2020