Have you tried the famous body drag? Sarah-Quita Offringa who is 17 x World Champion in Freestyle, Wave and Slalom, explains the body drag in detail! 

This was one of the first moves Sarah-Quita learned on a windsurfer and still is one of her favorite moves! Here are her quick tips:

  • To star the body drag: Hook out from the harness lines
  • Bend your knees and elbows
  • Gradually put your front foot in the water and then your backfoot
  • Steer the kit downwind to keep power and speed
  • Try to stay as high up from the water as possible, only legs in the water
  • To get back on the board: sheet in your back hand as you would waterstart, and place the backfoot first back on the board, followed by the front foot

Good luck and get ready to lose your shorts or bikini bottoms while trying!

For more Quick Tips, check out: https://windsurf.star-board.com/windsurfing-quick-tips/

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