High Wind Slalom Sailing in Tenerife – Lena Erdil´s New Vlog

Lena Erdil is now in Tenerife and she is scoring great conditions. She has been racing slalom in high wind lately and the training has been hard! Did you know that it´s normal with a high heart rate while racing?

High Wind Slalom Training in Tenerife with the TWS SlalomProTraining is now in full swing. 30 people in 3 groups 15 races a day! That is if you make it! 15 races might sound easy, but it can be pretty challenging in reality! I have measured my heart rate and even during our training races, I still easily get over 180btm!! So definitely high adrenalin in all of our races here. It’s great to see so many people coming out here for training, it’s a great mix of old and young and everybody always pushing hard to improve. I love 5,6 conditions here, which is the wind we had for the past week. When conditions get rough more sailing skill is involved and I’m feeling always more confident with my foot. I´m always sailing on my iSonic boards: 77 – 67 – 60

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