Famous windsurfing coach Phil Richards from GetWindsurfing went Live on Starboard´s Facebook page, and there are a lot of handy tips and tricks to learn from him! Make sure to watch it if you missed it. Click here to watch! 

The Carve – As Good As It Gets

In this Facebook Live, Phil talked about freeriding, and he shows how to tune the new 2021 Starboard Carve board into your dream board! The Carve is our famous freeride board and it comes in 115L, 125 and 135L. The 135L can also be ordered with a “Ready to Foil” box. Phil explains who this freeride board is made for. The GetWindsurfing man is an experienced coach and has seen many of his students progress on the Carve after they have passed the beginner level. Most often you can start on the 135L Carve after some sessions on a proper beginner board, such as the Starboard GO boards. After your beginner lessons, the Carve is a great board to use for progressing your windsurfing. It´s time to get into the straps, harness and get planing!

Easy to use – Foot straps settings

The board is easy to use and it is very stable. So if you still have not nailed the water start yet, you can easily uphaul the sail on it. The board also has different options to set the straps from beginner level to more advanced settings. When you learn to get into the straps, set the straps closer to the center of the board, and make sure the straps are really big so you can slide your feet inside the foot straps with ease. Big straps are also better when you crash, as it’s safer for your feet to get out. If the straps are big it’s easier to keep looking forward while you find your foot straps without looking down at your feet. This will help you to keep your speed forward and keep planing. Once you get more experienced you can move your straps further out for more speed and control in stronger wind.



Fin set-up

Phil is also talking about different fin set-ups with the Carve board. The Carve 125L comes with a 40 cm fin, and it’s a nice fin that will give lots of lift and helps to go in a straight line and stay upwind. It will also help you get planing early. You can change the fin size to bigger if you feel like you need more power. If you struggle to stay upwind, a big fin will help you keep the height. But if you are sailing in strong wind and you feel you are losing control over the board, it will help to use a smaller fin. Also, keep in mind that a bigger fin works better with a bigger sail, and a smaller sail works better with a smaller fin.

Don´t miss out on the next Live with Phil Richard

Enjoy the live chat with Phil and we hope to see you on the next Facebook Live. That will be next Sunday (11th of April). Phil will talk about Freestyle/Freeride and our popular iGnite board, that combines freestyle and freeride in one board. More info about the next Facebook Live will be sent out on Starboard Windsurfing´s Facebook page.