During this year´s Vietnam Fun Cup event we had competitors from twelve different nationalities all fired up and ready for the battle to commence in a fun but always competitive spirit. The competitors came from Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Greece, the UK, Estonia, USA, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and Canada were ready for the action!

For the first day, we got nice clean winds, keeping the waters fairly flat. The flatwater was great for all the newcomers to the event. As the wind increased, competitors had to be smart about which sails to rig. If your sail was too big, a return to the beach would be needed mid-race. If the sail was too small you would be left at the back of the pack. It is not unusual for riders to return to the beach and change sail size mid-race when the conditions increase or decrease. It was a gamble for sure!




As the wind kicked in for the day, all the excited riders took to the water and headed upwind. Watches were set to a 5-minute count down. When the Green Flag went up, the first race was underway. In the women’s division Anna Sagulenko, Daria Danilova and Tran Kim Chi kept the pressure on, seeing Anna repeatedly locking in her first place position.



In the men´s contest, it was a battle between Maksim Koshkin, Andrey Vashkevich, Alexy Trusov and Truong Ky Tai for the top spots. As the races continued there was an epic battle in the middle of the pack between Paul Ikin, Priit Velleste, Jean Charles Drubray, and Daniel Callahan.

On the second day, we were treated with some show foiling by one of our main sponsors – Starboard. Thanks to Starboard for pushing the limits every year to breakthrough new designs and high-performance equipment to keep the windsurf addicts satisfied.

With two high wind racing days completed, tired eyes arrived back to shore after giving 110% on the water. It was an anxious time for the top riders to wait for the final results.



When the time arrived, the top 3 riders for both men and women were called up to take their places on the podium and receive their awards. One of the award prizes was a new Starboard 94L Kode.



Great times and racing is always important during this event. But we must also remember why we run this event. All proceeds from the event including the first evening’s celebrations at Tropical Mini Golf, go towards the Anh Sanh Orphanage, a wonderful charity taking care of those less fortunate. Donations for this charity can be made all year round regardless of the Fun Cup event. If you would like more information on how to help this amazing cause, please contact

Let’s keep training hard for this fun event and worthy charity. Hope to see you all again for the 22nd edition on the 29th – 30th of January 2021.


Words by Adie Casket

Photos by Pascal Lefebvre, Jakob Frovin Jørgensen and Joanna Orlik.


Thanks to all the organizers and people involved to help make this event happen. We at Starboard are happy to see a growing windsurfing community enjoying sailing in Vietnam.