Nick Thake, our video/photographer of the 2020 Starboard photoshoot shares his experiences and impressions of working with the Dream Team. He also presents some exclusive action footage of our Team shining for the cameras during the shoot. Beneath you can read a quick interview with Nick. Make sure to check out the video to get a behind the scenes view of our Photoshoot.
Was this your first Starboard shoot?
This was my first Starboard shoot and I had an absolute blast. It was quite an intensive 10 days of filming, moving locations every couple of days chasing the wind and swell to shoot the boards in their correct environment and working late downloading and checking the footage. It was a fantastic experience which was definitely the highlighted contract of 2019.
How was it working with the pro´s of the industry?
Working with the Starboard pro’s was a breeze. The level of effort, commitment, and professionalism these guys brought to the shoot was a pleasure to see let alone film. I had a lot of fun getting to know each rider and their story to becoming a Pro so I thank the whole team for welcoming me and my warped sense of humor!
What do you love about Starboard?
What I love about Starboard is that it’s not just about windsurfing and board sports. There is a real commitment to the community and environment. I enjoyed learning about the different ways Starboard is leading with offsetting their carbon footprint by replanting mangrove forests in Thailand and engaging beach clean up programs. This initiative is fantastic to see in a commercial brand which will hopefully encourage other companies to follow.
What’s your favorite Starboard?
I loved filming the iGnite in the water. The way that Sarah-Quita Offringa and Lennard Neubauer threw that board around with ease astounds me. It really looks like a fun board to have a go at!