Coach Sam Ross is out with a new YouTube series Flight School 2.0 that will help you take your windsurfing skills to the next level. This is what he has to say:

I’m really pleased to release Flight School 2.0. It builds on the first flight school videos released a few years ago, to update techniques and take it further. It takes you through the basic setup, first flights, all the way through to foiling gybes, and a few more techniques. Here you can watch his episodes:





I started windsurfing back in 1997, down in Cornwall. Even when I first started I wanted to be an instructor and first started working in my Local shop in Poole before spending 10 years working in Turkey, Egypt, and Greece with Neilson Holidays Teaching Windsurfing and running centers. I competed in freestyle and racing as a student and then began training instructors. In these days I run clinics, instructor training, and have worked with several magazines with testing. I worked with the RYA in developing their windsurfing and foiling schemes and also with the British Sailing Team with the IQFoil. Take a look at Flight School 2.0 and I hope it will help you improve your windsurfing!

flight school

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