Get windsurfing fit in 30 days! Join the challenge with Flo Jung to get fit for windsurfing. Flo Jung is a German windsurfer that loves to spend time in the ocean. He started competing on the PWA Wave tour in 2008. We took a quick word with him, and below you can watch his latest windsurf clip where he is ripping on his UltraKode. Below is also his work out videos. 


How did the coronavirus change your plans? 

Usually, I would be in Morocco right now doing one of my windsurfing clinics. After that, I would have some national events in Germany and other promo events for my sponsors. Luckily here in Germany we still have a lot of things to do, we are allowed to go outside, do workouts and most stores are open again.

I was in South Africa during the early stage of the corona crisis. The local President gave a speech to lock down the country and stop flights from Europe. A few minutes after the speech ended, I booked my return flight knowing that it would be really hard to get back. I got one of the last flights to Germany. Everything changed immediately. Uncertainty, people getting fired and how long we have to stay in that situation was still not clear. It is quite strange not being able to windsurf but I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you deal with the situation to stay fit and motivated during these times? 

To be honest I became depressed at the beginning of the lockdown. Then I told myself that I still have the freedom to take a closer look on my thoughts and health. In order to get rid of all that energy I started a special workout program. Mainly for myself but I also wanted to share it with other people that might get inspired. It is 30 days windsurf workout challenge that I designed together with my coach.


Feel free to check it out on my Youtube Channel:

Life is good in general as long as I have my family around me and hopefully, I can go sailing again soon!